Video Gallery

Click on an image below and the video will launch in a new window. Except for the first interview, most are fewer than 5 minutes.

Ideas for Overcoming Burnout

In this interview with Lucy and Morgan from the Replenishing Life Project, get tips for overcoming burnout and practice a 5-minute meditation.

Intro to Mindfulness

Jumpstart or bolster your mindfulness meditation practice with this short video on how to get started.

Debunking Mindfulness Myth #1

Myth: meditation is about emptying your mind.

Watch this short video debunking this myth. 

Debunking Mindfulness Myth #2

Myth: mindfulness will make your life easier.

It won't but here's what it will do for you.

Debunking Mindfulness Myth #3

Mindfulness and meditation are identical.

No, they're not. Learn about the difference.

Debunking Mindfulness Myth #4

Myth: When I sit down and try to meditate my mind races all the time.

Here's what you can do about that.

Debunking Mindfulness Myth #5

Myth: I don’t have time.

Take a few minutes to reconsider.

An Unexpected Mindful Moment

How you interpret unexpected events is a choice. Enjoy this one.