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I do those things before I facilitate sessions with clients. I’ll use a Mindful Hug as you describe. But what I really want to know is this: What happened with Nandi?!!

Founder, CEO
Scottsdale, AZ

A thoughtful, guided journey that will help anyone find inner peace and gratitude. Thank you for sharing this with us Spiwe.

Key Account Manager
Minneapolis, MN

This is a brilliant topic [How to Avoid Living in Your Alternate Ending], one that I relate to. Thank you for the reminder to take a pause, and come back to the present moment when I slip into the wistful 'alternate ending'. Sending you love

Lucy Ann
Personal Coach

I love this! Thanks for including me in this newsletterđź’ś

Minneapolis, MN

Loved The Wicked Whisperer! Keep up the inspiring Ninja Moments!

Chief HR Officer
Sioux Falls, SD

Thanks Spiwe! You are always positive and uplifting…no matter the challenge in life or opportunity! Appreciate the Mindful in 5 messages. You will have your own TV show one day! 

VP, Chief Diversity Officer
Minneapolis, MN

On How Ranjit Left His Son in a Lurch. This was a good one. And timely.

Sarasota, FL

On embracing choice: Love this Spiwe! Definitely going to go through the motions this week.

Woodbridge, VA

On embracing choice: I love this! I'm going to use it in class with my upperclassmen.

Raleigh, NC

Today, I stand confident in my whole self, a steadfast voice of my real truths, experiences to share, and a few to explore of what could have been done differently.

Contract Compliance Administrator
Minneapolis, MN

I really like the content, writing style and messaging you are providing -- cannot wait to read more!

Creative Director / Marketing Strategist
Minneapolis, MN

Love the blog about conquering worry, it's really helpful.

Vice President
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

About Date Your Spouse: Great article, good points!

Communications / Planning Specialist 
Toronto, Canada

On Now is the Time for Joy: Really LOVED this Mindfulness in 5 post today!!!!!! Thanks so much!

Account Executive
St. Paul, MN

My current quote for my life is - the power of over and the peace in next.

Minneapolis, MN

I wake up to this, how do you get it all in a day? Very enjoyable reading!

Eden Prairie, MN

You know, there's a particular peacefulness about reading this article. It just feels goood. When it ends you feel it has ended too soon, wish there were more and then again you realize that it is just right. Mmmmm. I love this peaceful ninja moment! ! Well done Sipiwe, for creating it.

Dr. Moyana
Pro Vice Chancellor
Harare, Zimbabwe

I really love the 5 minute meditations. They make it easy for me to pause and re-center myself with mindful reflection on busy days when there just doesn't seem to be enough time.

Founder, CEO
Dayton, OH

I Love Love Love the 5 minutes' meditation. The first 30 minutes in the morning of my new day is prayer and meditation, but then when I get to the office after fighting my way through traffic I get my 5-minute meditation and I'm back on track every time. Thank you Spiwe you are truly a Blessing in my life.

Minneapolis, MN

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