Issues for Today's Leaders

Leaders Want To:

Optimize organizational performance

Continually innovate and grow

Build stakeholder trust


Employees are stressed

Pandemic fatigue depletes adaptability and resilience

Coping difficulties manifest as apathy, depression, or exhaustion


Empower leaders to reduce workplace stress

Offer tools to increase focus and effectiveness.

Stress can lead to burnout, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and strained working relationships. In today’s uncertain times, it’s not enough to offer physical wellness outlets for employees.

Mental well-being has emerged as a critical area for companies to address.

Of the 15 Traits of of Successful People That All Business Leaders Should Cultivate, many involve qualitative and relational skills.

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HR Professionals

Improve employee performance

Sharpen your employee value proposition.

The war for talent is more fierce than ever. Employers are competing for employees whose choices are now national in scope with the explosion of remote work options.

61% of employees identified greater work-life balance and better personal wellbeing as #2 of the top 6 things employees want in their next job.

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The Mindful in 5 Solution

Creates safe spaces for employees to learn and practice science-backed techniques to address common workplace issues to improve performance.

Address Common Issues

- Dealing with stress
- Increasing focus
- Increasing self-compassion

The modular Mindful in 5 approach allows leaders to select from a menu of customizable solutions to offer mindfulness, or meditation, or combined solutions for all or select segments of your workforce.

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Nikki O

Recently purchased the Mindful in 5 Book

I’m a recent meditation convert and this book really helped me be more thoughtful about my meditation practice and what I want to achieve by setting intentions for my meditations.

I highly recommend this book for getting more out of your practice and/or helping with daily mindfulness!!

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Unleash Employees' Inner Power

Harness the scientific benefits of mindfulness meditation and start your teams on a path to:

Reduce workplace stress

Improve focus and problem-solving

Increase empathy and growth mindset

Increase productivity

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