What is Mindful in 5?

The world is moving at the speed of light. Sadly, most meditation regimes haven’t been able to keep up with this. Mindful in 5 (TM) aims to solve that with 5-minute sessions to center and focus yourself for the day. Make the most out of your every day with Mindful in 5.

While most resources focus on mindfulness as a separate entity, Mindful in 5 incorporates the principles of mindfulness into everyday life as an extension to your daily routine. 

My decades of experience have taught me that rock-bottom can be an excellent place to build upon and grow. This book is an embodiment of my learnings organized into weekly themes relatable for every season of your life. Let this work as a guide on your way towards self-mastery and finding your voice amidst the chaos of thoughts.

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About the Author


I am an attorney and certified mindfulness practitioner who authors inspirational publications empowering you to live and work to your highest and best purpose each day.

As an attorney, I am a trusted advisor in an organization that partners with teachers and school districts to craft rigorous and riveting learning experiences for elementary school children - our future.

As a student of mindfulness meditation for over 14 years, I have learned techniques taught through a global non-profit organization dedicated to teaching mindfulness meditation. I have studied the works of teachers like esteemed yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship, and Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Over my career, I noticed that even after many people achieved their lifelong professional or personal "dreams", they said things like, I thought this would make me happy, or they asked questions like, Is this all there is?  I was inspired to launch Mindful in 5 to show them - and you - that despite all the challenges it brings, mindfulness meditation can help increase your enjoyment of life. Not only that, but you can love your life no matter what is happening.

Join me on this powerful quest and let's breathe together.

Be mindful, and be well.

Spiwe Jefferson

With all the hats I wear, I have successfully used mindfulness to maintain emotional equilibrium through the ups, downs, and all the adventures in my own life.


Sister, Daughter, Mom




Mindfulness meditation supports it all

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Our Vision

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal...

is to change the workplace and the world one mindful person at a time.

If we defeat stress, vanquish frenzy, we can increase emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness globally.

We accomplish this vision by embracing ourselves and each other through positive thought so we can live and work to our highest and best purpose each day.