A safe space for leaders to
reduce stress, increase
effectiveness, and unleash
the power of mindfulness at
work and at home

In 20+ years of working with corporations, I discovered that even when leaders reach their desired level, many are plagued by uncertainty, anxiety, and the desire for greater fulfillment.

I developed a science-backed, step-by-step system that empowers leaders to translate mindfulness meditation concepts into action to help improve overall well-being to positively impact job performance.

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Mindful in 5® uses captivating characters in an entertaining allegory to illustrate how to harness mindfulness meditation to address challenges at work and in life.

Within short practices presented within three seasons—Dawn, Day, and Dark—Jefferson shares inspiring stories followed by real-life takeaways and space to document deep thoughts and reframed perspectives.

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Mindful in 5® Ecosystem to Support Mindfulness

Over 40 million Americans report having an anxiety disorder

Countless millions more are suffering in silence.

Join me on my podcast to address these and other blockers to help you unlock your inner power to live and work to your highest and best purpose each day.

I am here to help anxious professionals navigate the complexities of the workplace to elevate their game at work, be more present at home, and face each day's challenges with greater calm and equanimity.

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Mindful in 5 makes it easy to create an ongoing meditation practice. I love the practical approach and how Spiwe makes meditation doable even with a busy life.

The Mindful in 5 book is a great tool to start or re-start a meditation practice. It is a easy, fun read and really can be done in five minute sessions.

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I love the practical application of how to incorporate meditation into my life. Spiwe is patient and provides pragmatic support.

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