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These days it's hard not to find stress lurking around every corner. How do you keep your sanity and stop anxious thoughts from racing so you can be effective by day and sleep well at night?

Mindful in 5 is a way to center yourself and set your intention for each day in 5-minute increments. Because let's face it, who has time?

By joining the Mindful Ninjas, you get access to weekly relatable stories with 5-day 5-minute meditations, along with special videos, monthly guided meditations, and tools  created just for you. 

Mindfulness meditation has worked for thousands of people. With practice and intention, it can work for you too. Let us show you how. Take your best step forward today. Download 5 easy steps to unleash your mindfulness potential starting with just 5 minutes / day.


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The World is Changing

Want to tame stress?

How do you keep it together when bad things are happening around you?

Unlock your inner power starting with just 5 minutes a day.

Valued at $49.95/year, claim your complimentary gift to join the Mindful Ninjas and let's breathe through this challenging time together.

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Time is a luxury that is never promised. Live fully now. 

Get step-by-step guidance to launch or accelerate your mindfulness practice.

See yourself in vivid stories of people who struggle with daily life and find their way using 52 mindful reflections, complete with journaling space.

Dark, Dawn, and Day topics address each season of life to meet you where you are.