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Over 40 million Americans have an anxiety disorder.* 

How can busy, anxious professionals reduce stress, unlock their inner strength, and overcome the challenges of daily life with deeper calm and equanimity?
*Source: National Alliance on Mental Disorders

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A Different Kind of Mindfulness Book

In the first in the book series providing unique guidance, Mindful in 5 uses captivating characters in an entertaining allegory to illustrate how to harness mindfulness meditation to address challenges at work and in life.

Within short practices presented within three seasons—Dawn, Day, and Dark—Jefferson shares inspiring stories followed by real-life takeaways and space to document deep thoughts and reframed perspectives.

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An Innovative Approach

Journal reflections guide those desiring a better life to be consistently present and realize inner peace, even during challenging times in the new age in which work and home collide.  

Throughout the guide, Jefferson encourages others to improve their well-being and live and work with purpose by calling upon their inner power, taming the mind, releasing fears, and replacing negative habits.

In a field where the concepts sometimes seem amorphous, Mindful in 5 delivers specific, tangible techniques to empower employees to unleash the benefits of mindfulness meditation in directed strategies throughout the workday.

Whether for yourself or your employees, take action to jumpstart your mindfulness journey with the simple but powerful FEETS five-step approach to meditation. 

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Great Training

"Great training by Spiwe Jefferson. Love the way to set you up in the morning to get ready for the hectic workdays. Simple advice, routine, easy to do at home or anywhere else."

Jean N


Channel your thoughts, get rid of anxiety, and find a safety rope for your stress.


Supercharge your problem-solving skills and discover solutions in a whole new light.


Conquer each day head-on with a confident demeanor and solid action plan.


Unleash your creativity and wake up every day with the energy to take the world head-on.

Praise for Mindful in 5(R)

Mindful In 5 is a promise that quietly emerges from its pages to offer something special. An answer and a way for those experiencing troubled times. It’s a total package: inspirational, practical, and it even comes with characters who guide you along the way.

Colin T. Nelson, author


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Renee, CEO
Seattle, WA

I really love the 5 minute meditations. They make it easy for me to pause and re-center myself with mindful reflection on busy days when there just doesn't seem to be enough time.

Brent, Enterprise Customer Leader Minneapolis, MN

I do take more time to care for myself. I am now even more purposeful about how I go about this thanks to you. Enhanced mindfulness is making me more emotionally accessible to colleagues and friends. It is also helping me detach emotionally (i.e. not personalizing things that I can’t control) from the stresses that are inherent in my professional life.